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Accidental Car Repair / Breakdown Service

Car accident is the last thing anyone would be hope for while on the road. Windshield glass breaking, body dents, scratches on paint, bumper & bonnet damage are some of the common outcomes of vehicle collision. During an accident, while the safety features of your car will definitely save the life of you and your loved ones, it will be the car’s body that will suffer the most damage. If you had a car accident and are now wondering where to get your car repaired than do not worry as for accidental car repair Car Doctor is one of the most trusted car shops in Gurgaon.


After the safety of your loved ones, the next thing that comes to mind after a car accident is the damage inflicted on the car. Any accident big or small will surely leave some type of physical damage on the car body that can be a minor scratch or a major dent. Repairing a damaged car body after accident requires both skilled craftsmanship and latest technology. At Car Doctor we have dedicated and experienced team of mechanics with expertise in repairing multi-brand car bodies. We offer all kinds of repairs for car breakdown service in Gurgaon.


We help your car to regain its original beauty. We provide complete solutions for Car Body Repair, Spray Painting, Scratches Removal, Scuff Repair, Rubbing and polishing, Spot Blends and Refinishing, and Refurbishment. When you are need of accidental car repair in Gurgaon, bring your car to Car Doctor and become free from all the worries. And the best part is that our repair service rates are affordable and will fit smoothly in your budget.