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Tyre and Brakes

Car Doctor provides top-shelf services for your car tire repair and brakes in Gurgaon. We are a team of professionals with intimate knowledge of what it is that your tires and brakes needs to keep in their tip-top condition and proper working order.
Your tires are your only contact with the road and they are what stands between you and certain disaster. It is important that they are in their best condition and also undergo proper rotation as and when due. You should also ensure that they have the correct pressure not only for safety and drivability purposes but also to extend their life and derive maximum value.

At Car Doctor, we can:
•    Supply you with a wide choice of the right tire brands and size
•    Provide fitment services
•    Repair your flat tire
•    Get your air pressure checked and levelled off
•    Do force variation balancing
•    Provide Tire rotation
•    Provide Tire rotation for dual rear wheels
•    Provide monitoring system sensors

As a driver it is also important that you have proper brakes on your vehicle that undergo regular inspection. This service is just as important as having the right tires in the right condition. You must get your brakes checked at Car Doctor every 6000 miles or at least once every month.
It is a jungle out there on the road and we can ensure that you are up to the challenge with our tire and brakes services. Call us now to hear how you can benefit from this service or schedule an inspection.