Wheel Alignment and Balancing Service in Gurgaon

The importance of proper wheel alignment to the drivability and longevity of your car as well as safety can never be overemphasized. The performance, safety, and stability of your car is negatively affected if there is an issue with wheel alignment and transmission. Indo German Motor Works takes care of all your wheel alignment and balancing whatever the make and model. Our car transmission service in Gurgaon is rated as the best for all the right reasons.  Proper wheel alignment goes a long way in ensuring proper wheel balance and freedom from accelerated wear and tear. You can also expect improved fuel economy when your car wheel alignment and balancing. We have a well-oiled team of experts that has immense experience providing wheel alignment and balancing in Gurgaon. We boast quick turnaround times and transparent pricing.

Indo German Motor Works – Wheel alignment services in Gurgaon pertains to the adjustment of a car’s caster, camber, as well as toe angles. We use some of the most advanced computerized equipment and tools to get the most accurate results.  Enjoy unmatched handling and safety on the road with our premium car alignment service in Gurgaon.

Indo German Motor Works also provides top-shelf computerized wheel balancing services to keep you and your car safe on the road. The primary objective is to correct any misaligned angles and eliminating wheel sways.

Car Transmission Service in Gurgaon

You can also get standard car transmission change and transmission flush services in Gurgaon. Talk to Indo German Motor Works if your car: makes grinding, whining, or ticking noises while it is in neutral, isn’t changing gears smoothly, is failing to engage gears, is shaking when changing gears, is leaking fluids, emitting a burning smell, or has the engine light on. We provide comprehensive car transmission services in Gurgaon including Manual and Automatic transmission fluid exchange, transmission drain and fill, transmission filter replacement, as well as removing and replacing broken parts.

An average car will need a transmission service every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Automatic transmission service, unlike manual transmission service, is more complicated



What are the basic charges for Wheel Alignment and Balancing?

The wheel alignment and balancing cost in Gurgaon depends on the car on which the work is being done. While some cars only require front wheel alignment, some need a four-wheel alignment. Wheel alignment and balancing will cost you anything up to Rs 1000.

What are the Charges for Transmission?

The charges for car transmission service in Gurgaon will first depend on whether it a manual or automatic transmission. An automatic transmission service will cost more and additional charges may be necessary if there are parts that need replacement. Talk to our team of experts today to get a quote for your specific car.

Why Should I Choose Indo German Motor Works for Alignment, Balancing & Transmission?

Indo German Motor Works has a team of certified and highly experienced technicians to take care of your car wheel alignment and balancing needs in Gurgaon. We also leverage the best in technology and tools to make sure that we get the desired results. We also offer a pick and drop facility as well as home service in Gurgaon.

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