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Best AC Repair Service for All Cars

Indo German Motor Works offers top-shelf and economically priced car AC repair services in Gurgaon. Our car AC service in Gurgaon covers all aspects from testing and routine maintenance to system repair. We have a team of certified technicians that are experienced servicing the most popular vehicle makes and models. We can diagnose and repair the components in a car’s air conditioning system after a free AC check. Indo German Motor Works car AC service repair has got you covered when it comes to:

  • Car AC installation
  • Car AC servicing
  • Car AC repairs

No job is too small or too big and we can even provide car AC service at your doorstep. You are guaranteed exceptional results that come with the assurance of a warranty. From the compressor, refrigerant, and condenser, to the evaporator, expansion valve, and dryer/accumulator, we are well adept with the working of car ACs and always endeavor to give every customer a cost-effective solution that also gives them peace of mind on the road.

All our work’s done according to schedule and the highest quality standards. Connect with us today to schedule a car AC check.

What’s In Our AC Repair Service?

Our car AC repair service caters to all unique needs whether routine maintenance, diagnostic or attending to specific customer requirements. Our technicians first check your cabin temperature while running the AC. Other elements that feature in our car AC repair service include depending on your requirement or problem:

Visual inspection of the components of your car air conditioning system

– AC system pressure and functional tests

– System drainage and topping-up of refrigerant and compressor oil

– Cabin filter replacement

– Black light Leak tests and checks for bad seals or bearings in the compressor

– Outlet temperature checks to determine cooling performance

– Condenser fin and line cleaning

– Introduction of UV dye into the system

Indo German Motor Works car AC service and repair services have got you covered for all car AC problems including the loud whirring noise, bad or dour, not enough cooling, water inside the cabin, engine overheating, and even routine maintenance.


FAQ's on AC Repair Services in Gurgaon.

What are the basic Charges for AC Servicing?

Basic AC servicing charges are Rs 500* which covers things like filter cleaning, AC gas pressure check, and exterior radiator flushing.

*T&C Apply

Do you provide Car AC Servicing at Doorstep?

Indo German Motor Works car AC service and repair services are flexible to each customer’s needs. This includes offering car AC servicing at your doorstep*.

*T&C Apply

How much can I save on Car AC servicing?

Indo German Motor Works car AC service and repair services give you access to affordable car AC repair costs. Expert attention to your car AC helps reduce repair costs and the possibility of replacement, promotes system durability, prevents environmental damage, prevents health hazards, maintains safe operation, promotes efficiency, and ensures passenger comfort.


*T&C Apply
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