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We all are keen on keeping our car in the optimum condition for the maximum period possible. In order to achieve this target, the first step that we have to adopt is to provide the car with the necessary maintenance measures. If you wish to adopt a comprehensive approach to car maintenance, the best choice that you can make is to go for a car detailing service. Car detailing service comprises a wide array of services that are intended to keep your car in the best condition.

The best part is that both the interior and exterior components of the car are treated equally and given equal importance during the service. A wide variety of exterior maintenance activities, such as washing, polishing, etc., combine with interior activities that include interior cleaning, necessary treatments, etc., to provide us with the optimum condition of your car, both internally and externally. In short, car detailing is the one-stop solution for all searching for a service provider who can deal with all kinds of car services. If you are searching for the best Car detailing service in Gurgaon, the best choice you can have here is Indo-German Motor Works.

Why Choose Us for the Best Car Detailing Service in Gurugram?

If you are searching for the best car detailing service in Gurgaon, the first name you would come across will be Indo German Motor Works. The immense quality of service delivered to our customers is the primary factor that has made us top in the list. We ensure that all the mechanics and technicians we appoint have the necessary certifications and immense experience to provide the topmost quality service to our customers.

Moreover, we try our best to provide car detailing services for our customers at the most affordable rates. All these factors have made us the first choice for car detailing in Gurgaon. If you are in Gurgaon and have searched for the best car detailing service near me, Indo-German Motor Works is the first name that you come up with.

Car Detailing Service in Gurugram

Car Detailing Cost in Gurugram

Car detailing cost in Gurgaon depends on various factors like the type of Car and process of detailing. Car detailing cost start from Rs.1500* only, when you need only Rubbing and polishing and complete car detailing cost starts from Rs.3500* when you have a hatchback car. Get Indo German Motor Works complete car detailing cost below –

Rubbing & Polishing Cost

Hatchback Rubbing & Polishing – Rs.1500*
Sedan Rubbing & Polishing – Rs.1800*
SUV Rubbing & Polishing – Rs.2200*

Complete Detailing Cost

Hatchback Complete Detailing – Rs.3500*
Sedan Complete Detailing – Rs.4500*
SUV Complete Detailing – Rs.5500*

Complete Car Detailing Process

Car detailing is not a single-step process; instead, it is a series of various processes. The combination of all these processes together makes the best car detailing service. The various stages involved in the car detailing process are as follows:

Rubbing is the very first step in the Car Detailing process, thoroughly polish the car’s surface using a specialized rubbing compound to remove imperfections and enhance its shine.

Effectively eliminate hard water marks from the car’s exterior by using specialized products or techniques for a spotless finish.

Vacuuming is from the first steps we adopt in car detailing service. We use the most advanced tools and techniques to vacuum out all kinds of particles within your vehicle. Vacuuming has a great role in maintaining the interior cleanliness of cars.

Polishing is another important step in car detailing service, which preserves the shine of your vehicle. Apart from the fact that they enhance the car’s overall appearance, polishing also helps to keep your vehicle scratch free for a longer period.

Car shampooing is considered to be the best way by which all kinds of dirt depositions on the car can be cleaned. We proudly announce that car shampooing is an integral step of our car detailing service. We ensure that every part of your car is cleaned to the maximum with shampooing.

Steam cleaning is the safest method by which the car’s parts can be deep cleaned, even the parts on which soap or shampoo cannot be used. Steam cleaning is also considered an effective measure to eliminate odors and smoke.

Stains are considered one of the toughest headaches of every car owner since they can affect the overall appearance of the interior. Moreover, persistent stains can also damage the leather or fabric of the seat. The stain removal process of your car detailing will help you eliminate all such issues and, thereby, a cleaner interior.

Car detailing service ensures that the interior part of your car is cleaned to the maximum such that no dirt, odor or pest persists after the service. Interior cleaning is also necessary to enhance the overall riding experience of the passengers.

Apart from the fact that exterior cleaning keeps the exterior of our vehicle neat, clean and well-presented, complete exterior cleaning ensures that your car does not have to undergo serious damages resulting from material deposition or rusting.

Apply a durable Teflon layer onto the car’s surface, delivering a lasting shine, dirt resistance, and simplified maintenance.

Meticulously cleanse and eliminate dirt, grime, and contaminants from the engine bay, promoting peak performance and enhancing its visual appeal.

Benefits of Car Detailing Services

Getting a car detailing service is an ideal choice considering your car’s health and overall condition. The advantages you would have after getting a good car detailing service for your car are innumerable. The advantages offered by car detailing service are as follows:

Preserving the exterior parts of your car not only enhances the appearance of your car but also has a great role in determining some of the very important features of a car, such as its strength and power. Getting a car detailing service in Gurgaon ensures that the exterior of your car is well-preserved.

Protecting the interior is necessary to improve comfort while traveling, and a clean interior enhances the overall look of your car. All this can be ensured by availing of a car detailing service.

Getting a car detailing service is the best way by which we can remove the bad odor that is present inside the car. The cause of the bad odor will be eliminated such that the odor will be eliminated.

Car detailing service providers utilize the most advanced tools and machinery to clean your car thoroughly so that no impurity is left behind after the complete service. Each and every corner that may seem to be inaccessible is cleaned to ensure complete cleanliness.

Car detailing services use the most modern technology to prevent staining of your car’s interior parts that may be made out of leather or fabric. If present, these stains are removed during the car detailing process to enhance the interior appearance.

A vehicle that is well maintained always provides us with the optimum performance since all its parts will be in their best condition. Thus, car detailing service ensures that we receive optimum performance out of our cars.

A car that is taken care of properly tends to provide us with the best value in the market rather than a poorly maintained car. Thus, getting a car detailing service is one of the best ways by which you can increase the value of your car.


Car AC Repair Service

Indo German Motor Works offers comprehensive services to all vehicle owners which include Car Air conditioning work in Gurgaon.

Car Denting Painting

When you need professional Car Denting Painting Services in Gurgaon, you can count on the services of Indo German Motor Works.

Car Electrical Work

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Difference in Car Detailing and Washing

Car detailing and washing are two distinct activities carried out for properly maintaining a car. Let us summarize the difference between car detailing and washing.

● Car washing mainly concentrates on removing dirt and dust visible on the vehicle. In contrast, car detailing ensures the car’s cleanliness in every minute aspect such that each and every corner of the car is deep cleaned.
● Car washing is a process that can be done by ourselves, whereas car detailing can be carried out only by an expert mechanic.
● Car washing can be carried out by simple means of soap and water, whereas car detailing requires advanced tools and techniques for carrying out the process.
● Car washing focuses on the cleaning process, whereas car detailing includes both cleanings and necessary repairing measures to get the vehicle back to its initial condition.
● The effects of car detailing service are known to stay longer than car washing since var detailing is a more comprehensive approach.


When should I go for a car detailing service?

Car detailing service in Gurgaon should be carried out regularly, and you should take your car for detailing at least once every three months. This ensures that your car’s interior, as well as exterior, is well maintained. This is necessary to keep your vehicle in optimum condition for a longer period of time.

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