Top Rated Car Radiator Service In Gurgaon

The radiator plays a vital role in keeping your car engine from overheating. The coolant in the radiator takes the heat away from the engine and moves it around the car. That is why it is important to get timely and expert car radiator service to protect your car engine, avoid breakdowns, and keep running costs to a minimum. Indo German Motor Works gives you a premium car radiator service in Gurgaon at competitive pricing.  We have a team of highly-trained and experienced technicians offering car radiator repair and service for the vast majority of cars on the road today.

Although the heat generated from the friction is necessary, it needs to be regulated to keep the engine running. The components that are responsible for cooling your car engine include the radiator, coolant, cooling fans, water pump, thermostat, pressure cap, and overflow tank reservoir. Overheating can result from a fault in any one of the components.

Proper and timely car radiator service including coolant replacement or top-up has the following benefits:

Makes sure moving parts and the water pump are protected and have longevity

Anti-corrosion additives keep rusting at bay and also protects rubber components

Keeps engine optimally cool due to the coolant’s high thermal efficiency

Low downtime and affordable maintenance costs

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What are the Charges?

Car radiator repair cost depends on the exact nature of work to be conducted and the car’s make and model. Work that is done on car radiators includes flushing, coolant replacement or top-up, replacing parts such as a blown head gasket, plugging coolant leaks, fixing water pump, cooling fans, thermostat.  Labor charges for a general service will range anywhere up to Rs 1,000. Call us to get an accurate quote.

Do you provide home services?

Yes, we do provide home car radiator services in Gurgaon. Our home service comes at no extra cost and is designed to give you the ultimate in convenience as part of our loyal service to motorists in Gurgaon.

Why should I choose for radiator repair?

Indo German Motor Works car radiator service in Gurgaon is best placed to take care of your car for reasons that include:

Competitive pricing

Being professional and adhering to best practices

Use of the best coolants and spares

A team of specialists with a wealth of experience and passion for their work

Use of the best tools for the job at hand

Completion of all work according to set timelines

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