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We experience in our day-to-day lives that not all things are under our control. Just like we start a ride with full enthusiasm, our vehicle suddenly doesn’t reflect the same enthusiasm and fails to work. Taking that vehicle ahead can be troublesome and tiring in such a situation. In such a situation, people can immediately call Indo German Motor Works, one of the most recognized and responsible car towing services in Gurgaon and other locations.

Apart from cars, even other vehicles are towed and brought to your given location safely, professional repairing of the vehicle is done, and the best results are presented in front of you. People usually get confused between their broken down and fully repaired vehicles, which is why we are so prevalent in almost all locations worldwide.

Car Towing Options That We Provide

Giving the best car towing service in Gurgaon is possible for Indo German Motor Works because of the splitting of these services into different types. We have categorized our services so that customers can choose the most effective ones for themselves. 2 most prominent types of car towing service options are:

Flatbed Towing – In this towing service, the towed vehicle is carried on the running vehicle. This way, the space occupied by the towed vehicle will be minimal, and not much damage can be caused to the towed vehicle. We are experts in providing this towing service to comparatively smaller vehicles.

Wheel Lift Towing – A tow truck is involved in this option, where it attaches a metal yoke to the front wheel of your car and tows the vehicle. This is a much more straightforward and easily achievable method, and 90% of the people requesting towing services expect this option to be selected prominently.
Apart from the above options, there exists one more option called hook-and-chain. This option is not preferred mainly by people because vehicle damage risk is higher in this towing option.

Factors Affecting Car Towing Charges

It may happen that your nearby location does not have the required towing services for your car. This can be due to some unavoidable factors.
Following are some of those unavoidable factors that intensively affect car towing services near me availability:

Distance to be Towed – The distance the car takes to reach its destination right from being towed helps calculate the total cost. Also, if the distance between your car and the towing service shop is too much, the services may not be available. However, we try our best to reach even the farthest location to tow your car as soon as possible.

Vehicle Size and Weight – The vehicle’s size and weight may also decide whether it is towable or not. If the vehicle is too heavy and must be taken to a faraway distance, then in such situations, we are not more prone to provide you with towing service. Due to the size of the vehicle and long distance, the chances of damage increase, which doesn’t suit the company policies.

Time of Day and Emergency Services – Even the time of day (daytime or night-time) is considered for towing a vehicle. Our car towing charges are higher at night as compared to daytime. This is because of the increasing traffic conditions on the road that make it difficult to reach the destination on time.

Irrespective of troubles in the above factors, Indo German Motor Works tries its best to reach as many areas as possible and provide effective towing services to people for most of their vehicles.

Emergency Car Towing Services
Car Towing Services in Gurgaon

Common Car Towing Scenarios

A lot of reasons can cause damage to cars. Most of these reasons are covered under our towing policy, which is why not much trouble is experienced by the people. 2 of the most prominent scenarios where people may require car towing service in Gurgaon are:

Accidents and Collisions – In case of significant accidents or collisions of 2 vehicles, the front or back side of a car gets damaged to a great extent. However, to some extent, this damage can be repaired. If the accident is not too extreme, then cars can be towed and repaired to bring them back to their original versions to some extent.

Breakdowns and Mechanical Failures – Due to some internal breakdowns or mechanical failures, your car may stop in the middle of the road. In such a situation, you need to immediately call a towing service and let your car be checked. If immediate actions are taken, towing the car may not be required.

These are the prevalent scenarios in which the repairing or restructuring of cars can be possible. However, in other worst scenarios, cars become useless, and all the other tasks become unachievable.

Why Indo German is Top Towing Service Provider?

Indo German Motor Works has a lot of topmost towing facilities as compared to other services. This is one of the most important reasons it is topmost among all the other towing service providers. Some other reasons can be:

Till now, the services that we have provided have gained excellent reviews. Our overall services, customer reviews, and ratings are amazing; we do everything to keep this going for a long time.

The rates and response time of our towing services are undoubtedly excellent. Customers can get very comfortable with our technicians to get the best vehicle towing and repairing services.

We provide entirely customized and specialized towing solutions. These solutions differ in location, distance, towing pack prizes, and time of the day.

Our Towing Service Charges in Gurgaon

In Gurgaon, we are undoubtedly one of the most affordable and convenient towing services. Our car or other vehicle towing service charges in Gurgaon range from around Rs. 800-1500. It depends on the type of towing service that you are choosing as well. If you select a vehicle lifting towing service, the price ranges from Rs. 700-800. However, if you choose the flatbed towing service, the price range is around Rs. 1400-1500.

Aftermath of Car Towing

Just towing the car is not the end of the process. There still exist a lot of other things that need to be successfully achieved. Indo German Motor ensures that it completes the whole towing process and provides adequate results, so you won’t have to complain. The other steps included in the car towing service in Gurgaon and other places are:

Vehicle Drop-Off and Inspection – After a car is towed, it must also be dropped off safely. The proper address of the dropping location is taken from the car owner, and the car is dropped off very safely. Minimal damage is ensured to the customers so they don’t have to lose any significant parts of their cars.

Dealing with Vehicle Repairs and Insurance – Once your car is dropped off, further process includes checking for car insurance and repairing the car. If any kind of insurance is absent, then the whole repair cost must be paid directly by the owner. Once the repair is completed, your car becomes ready to roll on the streets again.

Luxury & Specialty Vehicles

At Indo German Motor, we offer car towing service in Gurgaon for normal vehicles and services for luxury & specialty vehicles. All those who want to make their towing services customizable, with specific expectations, can do so by mentioning them properly in their application forms. Among the various specialized towing services, two most prominent ones are:

Handling High-End and Vintage Cars – Vintage cars have an exceptional traditional value for a person or a family. That is why they need to be handled with extra care. No lethargy or negligence is accepted in this context. That is why we have special services for towing such high-end and vintage cars without causing them any (or at least minimal) damage.

Special Considerations for Sports Cars and Exotics – If you are searching for the best car towing service near me, which includes all your special considerations for sports cars and exotics, then Indo German Motor is the right choice. We use the best quality flatbed trailers or even low-profile towing trucks to ensure high-power towing performance and results.


Car AC Repair Service

Indo German Motor Works offers comprehensive services to all vehicle owners which include Car Air conditioning work in Gurgaon.

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When you need professional Car Denting Painting Services in Gurgaon, you can count on the services of Indo German Motor Works.

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What are the typical car towing charges in Gurgaon?

Different locations have different car towing charges, and to know about the exact cost, you need to apply from your area. Once you use it from your area, you will get to know the precise prices of the service. However, a rough estimate may range from around Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 (more or less according to the state, city, and specific location).

Is towing covered by car insurance?

It depends on the individual car insurance whether the towing service in Gurgaon or any other place is covered in it or not. Make sure that you check the towing coverage in your car insurance before applying for it. Otherwise, the insurance policies become uncompromising, and adding towing coverage becomes impossible.

Can I request a tow for someone else's vehicle?

Yes, requesting a tow for someone else’s vehicle is possible. You can search for appropriate car towing services near me and apply for them. In the location and applicant’s name, you can enter the name of the one for whom you are requesting the service. Provide the current location of the owner and apply further process.

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