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Advantages of using local repair centres for your Mercedes:

When your car such as Mercedes stops working, it becomes a big source of worry and you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Taking it to the dealer will take a lot of time and you don’t know if the damage is worsening with time, or even the urge to get it fixed as soon as possible. A very easy solution to this problem is getting is fixed locally. With the number of luxury car owners growing in Gurgaon and other cities, so have these local service centers and one of them is Indo German Motor Works.

Here is a look at the advantages of using Mercedes car service center in Gurgaon:

– You won’t have to wait long – As we already established that the frequency of customers at these local workshops is quite low and the wait is longer you want it to be. Why would you want to miss driving your Mercedes for such a long time when it can be done quicker? This is the advantage of using small scale industry and you should get the maximum benefit out of it. Furthermore, there are some damages that worsen with time and require immediate attention. These repair centers become a boon then.

– Promotes the local market – It is natural that these locally operating workshops will employ the local population only, and hence take the benefits of employment to a smaller scale. A Mercedes mechanic in Gurgaon will be from Gurgaon or the nearby smaller area and you can promote the economy of such people and areas through these small changes. We know that the trickle down of the larger industries does not reach them ad this is how you can make a small difference in their lives which will go a long way.

– More customer interaction – The good part of getting your car fixed in these centres is that the staffs are friendlier and this is not because we are making a positive assumption and giving them the benefit of the doubt. They are known to have more time on hand and are not burdened by urgent work. They tend to give you more time and answer your doubts without the slightest hint of high-handedness. This will go a long way into making you have a good experience and you will be better satisfied with the service. They also have a fewer customers at hand and want to give their best to whoever comes along.

– It will be less expensive – There are many reasons for this and some may or may not apply to you. A local service center tends to be closer to your house than a dealer. They also provide free pick up and drop facility and this will bear a significant reflection on the amount of money that you spend. They also honor warranty and will have the time to help you figure out the best insurance tactics to deal with the cost. So, getting a Mercedes repair in Gurgaon will prove to be cheaper than taking it all the way to Delhi or wherever your dealer is located.


Indo German Motor Works operates in Gurgaon and will bring all these services and much more to your doorstep. All your burdens are shared with us and we handle them personally.

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