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PPF (paint protection film) is a type of protection for car services. These films work along with the ceramic coating to keep the outer surfaces of your cars from getting damaged. Getting ppf coating in Gurgaon service near you is very simple. You can navigate around the Internet for the Indo German Motor Works the best PPF coating and detailing studio in Gurgaon.

Best Ceramic Coating in Gurgaon

Indo German Motor Works has expertise in providing the most outstanding Detailing, Ceramic Coating & Protection Film works for car surfaces. The thorough professionals of the company ensure not to leave even a single stone unturned in offering protection and a great look to the car surfaces. Indo German Motor Works in Gurgaon is an excellent choice for your PPF and ceramic coating car surface services.

What is the Cost of Ceramic Coating in Gurgaon?

The ceramic coating price in Gurgaon can go around Rs. 15,000-30,000. This may initially seem more expensive than the PPF and Teflon coating. However, once a detailed study about this is done, it can be found that, as compared to other coating materials, ceramic coating can last much longer. The quality of the ceramic coating is much more than the other basic coating.
Ceramic coating shows fantastic results when it comes to protecting car surfaces. Unlike other coating films, it can protect your car surfaces from scratches, rust, and even UV rays. So, ceramic coating is undoubtedly a worthy choice for protecting car surfaces.


Genuine PPF Coating in Gurgaon

The cost of genuine PPF coating in gurgaon is much more affordable, and good service delivery can also be guaranteed to the Indo German Motor Works. The long-lasting effect of these coatings can comfort you regarding your car surfaces. Undoubtedly, being simple, genuine, and natural in your PPF coating choice will prove very helpful to you to all extents.

What is the Cost of PPF Coating in Gurgaon?

If you ask about the PPF coating price in Gurgaon, the answer is around Rs. 40,000 to 2 lakhs or more. This also depends on the brand and service provider you are approaching. You should ensure that the PPF coating consists of all car surface protection services, from scratch protection to car paint worn out.

Why Choose Indo German for PPF or Ceramic Coating?

Indo German Motor Works for PPF and the ceramic coating is a good choice for many reasons. We provide long-lastingness, quality comfort, affordability, and many other services to people. So, by all means, Indo German is not a bad choice for people regarding their car surface protection and look.

Ceramic Coating in Gurgaon by Indo-German Motor Works

Top Brands of PPF Coating We Provide

PPF and ceramic coating can be done by any means and through many services-providing companies. However, only the authentic ones should be trusted, and the others should be completely ignored. Following are some important brands that provide the best and highest quality PPF and ceramic coating services for your vehicles –

Garware is a renowned company that provides customers with the best and highest quality PPF and ceramic coating services. They have been active in this industry for a very long time now and have gained the trust of many customers till today. The thickness of packaging rolls of Garware PPF and the ceramic coating is around 100-200 microns. Also, the Garware PPF material is completely yellowing proof which prevents the surface from becoming yellow for a longer time.

3M PPF is considered one of the most durable and high-quality PPF and ceramic coating materials. This lasts on the car surfaces for a longer time and, with proper maintenance, keeps your car safe from external damage. Also, these PPF films are entirely transparent and do not affect the car’s color to the smallest extent. So, we can get fantastic texture and durability both in a single PPF film and through 3M PPF.

Whether it is a marine boat, office or commercial place, residential place, or even your car, XPEL PPF is recognized for providing the best services to all. It can provide highly glossy window tint and paint protection for your car surfaces at the most affordable prices. Also, a particular type of film called satin paint protection film is available, which provides both shine and protection to the car surfaces.

Llumar is a leading PPF and ceramic coating company expert in making the best quality window tints. These tints are completely heat-rejecting so that the inside of your car remains cool even without ACs being switched on. Also, this applies not only to winter but all seasons, especially the summer season. The PPF and ceramic coating services of Llumar can also be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

XPEL Clear Mask: Clear Mask is recognized for its top-class paint protection kits. These kits are available from the car’s outer surface to the headlights and windows. Cars and their protection kits are also available for bikes, trucks, and other vehicles. A special invisible paint protection service is offered for floodlights, roofs and A-pillars, hoods & fenders, etc.

The primary purpose of a clear bra is to provide excellent resistance to all outside damages and attacks on the vehicle. If you are searching for points regarding pf vs ceramic coating, protection against external damages such as scratches and rock chips is the best plus point for PPF. Also, ceramic coatings will help protect the vehicle from external damage and natural agents.

Difference between PPF and Ceramic Coating:

There exists a detailed explanation of ppf vs ceramic coating. However, these two coatings are interdependent. Ceramic coating is the base layer, while PPF coating is applied once the ceramic coating is dried. So, considering the co-dependence of these two types of coating materials on each other, the following differences between them can be highlighted –

● PPF coating is the outer coating, which is why it is more expensive than ceramic coating. The look and attractiveness that your car receives are possible through PPF coating much more impact-fully.

  • ● As the outer coating on the car surface, PPF coating is better at protecting the cars from rock chips, dust, debris, etc., than ceramic coating.

● As compared to the PPF coating that is on the outside, ceramic coating proves an almost permanent coating solution.

● PPF stretches more comfortably, so the installation process is more accessible in PPF than in ceramic coating. Though the price is higher for PPF coating, its durability is longer.
● PPF has good hydrophobicity, so it is beneficial for vehicles during cleaning, while in ceramics, it’s a bit difficult to clean.


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Teflon Coating vs Ceramic Coating

Starting comparing Teflon and ceramic coating from the cost, the ceramic coating price in Gurgaon may be more expensive than in Teflon coating. While Teflon coating can be done between Rs. 2,000-8,000 /-, the ceramic coating cost can go up to Rs. 30,000 and more. However, when protection and durability are considered, ceramic coating takes the upper hand. So, even if a little expensive, going for ceramic coating can be a better choice for people.

Is PPF and Ceramic Coating Worth it?

After knowing about PPF and ceramic coating costs, consider whether these films are worth it. The answer is 100% worthy. These films have a special protection mechanism for your car surfaces. These will only let your car paints get worn out and protect your car’s overall look and health. So, setting up these films is as important as other maintenance activities of your car.

What type of PPF Coating should I Select?

Before choosing one for your car, you should consider various factors, such as durability, consistency, solidity, and the cost of a roof coating. When all these factors match your expectations appropriately, only then should you come to a solid conclusion or choice. Otherwise, you may suffer from many troubles, such as premature wear out of the car paint, scratches on the car surfaces, and so on. So, taking precautions and selecting the suitable PPF coating for your car surfaces is essential to ensure you won’t regret it later.

How to Choose the Best Company for PPF Coating?

Choosing the best company for PPF and ceramic coating in gurgaon can provide a sense of comfort and protection to you regarding your car surfaces. Once the look and design of a car are damaged, it may not excite you the same way it did before. So, protecting the look and health of a car is very important. For the same, choosing the best and highest PPF and ceramic coating company proves very crucial and unignorable.

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